Case Studies

Case : Social Connect


The client is a German entrepreneur who was looking to roll out a 'social messaging and community building' app. He was intensely passionate about it and confident about the success of the idea in real life. However, funds and technology were the two principal constraints.


Capital infusion was not possible without presenting a working demonstration of the Minimum Viable Product features. He approached Anka as a capable technology partner who would drive development independently and contribute to the project through value additions. Also, the customer had a tight timeline vis-à-vis time-to-market.

A competent, experienced technical team which would take complete responsibility and contribute to the project in multiple aspects was the priority need to make the platform successful.


There was more to it than regular UI/UX. Owing to the peculiarity of the project, we had to manage things beyond technical development. Communication was a barrier because of language and differing cultural contexts. Compatibility with European mobile hardware was another issue. However, we successfully navigated by adopting a systematic, strategic approach:

  • Appointed a German speaking coordinator to avoid requirements gaps and to manage project communications
  • On boarded an experienced team to address new technology challenges
  • Defined and clarified quality goals to the team and set quality expectations
  • Daily scrum to monitor and track progress
  • Educated the customer on testing needs and its importance and jointly planned hardware procurement
  • Developed solution using native technologies to address critical OS and hardware related issue


  • Delivered the product on time, meeting all quality goals through continuous improvement
  • Witnessed good amount of app users in the first month itself
  • App functionality demonstrated in different use cases like events and exhibitions
  • A mature platform evolved by gathering and implementing user feedback


Since the first project was a runaway success, the client was happy and satisfied. The association developed into an enduring, symbiotic partnership whereby many innovative ideas have come to life.