Manufacturing Industry

Improving productivity and profitability in today's age of 'consumption uncertainties'


It's not business as usual for the manufacturing sector. Operating against a backdrop of digital disruption, enterprises are facing multifaceted challenges: growing competitive pressure, changing customer demands, complexity of supply chain networks and increased regulatory compliances.

Innovative and a lean organizations are key growth drivers in an uncertain business climate. According to a study by Gartner, more than one-third of manufacturing CIOs say growth is their top priority. Technologically-driven innovations and changes will cause the CIO to play an important role in strategically forecasting the future.

Our Focus Areas

Digital Transformation

We help traditionally operating manufacturing companies smoothly transition into the 'smart factory' by aligning production processes with market dynamics and facilitate seamless, real-time collaboration with multiple stakeholders. Our innovations enable enterprises to not only survive but thrive in the Industry 4.0 era.

Our competency spectrum covers AI, machine learning, deep learning technologies, RPA, automation &digitalization and cultural advancement. We alsoexcel in the arena of 'processes becoming products' that result from increased digital capabilities and continuous change in the technology concept.

Value Chain and Asset Optimization

A manufacturing ecosystem comprises a large number of assets. To keep running your plant at peak efficiency, it is crucial to maximize throughput, minimize maintenance cost and eliminate/reduce downtime. Our Asset Optimization solutions enhance the availability and reliability of existing physical assets while mitigating risk and lowering costs.

Data-driven Innovations

Manufacturing is becoming data-intensive by the day. In fact, studies show that by 2023, manufacturers will have a large portfolio of modular, value-based products and services that they can change or improve on-the-go without significantly changing processes or impacting quality. Their success is based on data and analytics, and they rely heavily on data to make decisions and identify new trends.

Solution Space

Anka brings proven expertise and in-depth experience in the area of Asset Network Maximization.

We implement the right processes, capabilities and technologies to deliver effective value chain optimization, taking into account product demand forecasts and pricing, competitor dynamics, plant & unit processing capacities and constraints, raw and intermediate feedstock availability, pricing and quality. We combine our supply chain consulting expertise with industry-leading technologies for asset-wide simulation, planning, scheduling and production accounting to deliver uniquely integrated value chain optimization solutions.


  • Our solutions address global problems but are implemented considering local issues, e.g., language barriers, cultural gaps, etc.
  • We engage as a strategic partner and work with a complete ownership mindset
  • Our solutions are designed with a futuristic approach, which helps customers to minimize maintenance
  • We factor in adequate real-time scenarios into our solution to take the system to the next level of maturity

Anka is your first signpost on the path to successful digital transformation. Partner with us to accelerate growth in today's technology-dominant, customer-focused business environment.

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