Case Studies

Case : IoT

Huge cost savings for Indian engineering enterprise with preemptive remote support solution


The client is a leading manufacturer of power generation systems and allied engineering products. Backed by a legacy of 100+ years, the company enjoys solid trust and brand visibility in the Indian market.


With an end user base touching 100 million customers across India, support had turned out to be a crucial issue for the organization. The conventional support process was tedious, inefficient and costly. As a quick-fix, end customers often resorted to local support, which was risky and also rendered product warranties null & void.


We designed a connected solution underpinned by scalable and secure IoT-led architecture. The evolution of the smart system took place as outlined below:

  • Performed feasibility study to understand current support processes
  • Suggested minor changes to processes
  • Proposed remote monitoring and alarming system, which would be completely human-independent
  • Specially designed IOT component used to collect data from the machines and push it to server for further processing
  • Based on benchmarks and received data from users, started getting automatic alarms instead of continuous monitoring


  • Huge reduction in support cost
  • Troubleshooting is quick and easy with specific alerts; appreciably improved support quality
  • Meeting SLA is not a challenge as most of the stuff is automated
  • Customers can easily review their system performance whenever they want with analytical reports
  • Happy customers with hassle free service; resulted in stronger brand affinity


This success led to the development of several similar intra-enterprise solutions for the company's different verticals/units.