Extended Team Setup

The traditional outsourcing model entails offloading non-core business functions to the IT partner. Though this results in reducing cost and improving efficacy to some extent, the shortcomings are easily evident: limited project control, limited engagement span, and inequitable delegation of responsibilities. To ensure successful outcomes in building a MVP(Minimal Viable Product), there is need to think beyond traditional outsourcing. It's time to bridge the talent gap by avoiding the pitfalls of experimentation and fluctuation.

Gain better visibility and tighter control with ETS

Anka's Extended Team Setup brings the certainty you seek. It helps circumvent the typical client-vendor relationship loop and get a firm grip on projects right from the word go. We support small and mid-sized IT businesses who consider offshore outsourcing for long-term gains. The best talent is handpicked for you, engaged at the early stages of project kickoff and they build from the ground up. Though operating from geographically scattered locations, our extended teams augment your local development team in all aspects. These teams work collaboratively to meet project requirements and deliver solutions to clients on time. They also work in sync with the company's code of conduct and commit to management procedures prevailing in the home country.

ETS is a good fit for the following projects:

  • Long-term multi-part projects with an evolving set of requirements, where you don't have all the required technologies in hand
  • Projects where you might have a side project within that you don't want your main in-house team to work on and get distracted from the core business
  • Ongoing projects that gradually expand and require considerable manpower to maintain

Your Advantages

  • More effective and efficient flow of communication
  • Shared responsibilities between home and offshore offices
  • Better control and transparency in operations
  • Increased development capacity, which is scalable
  • Ability to develop your own culture and COE
  • Improved staff loyalty
  • Cross-functional support

Anka has successfully put the ETS model to work for many clients in many countries. To know how your business can gain significant competitive advantage by leveraging our capabilities, call: +917620579810.