Learning Management

Making academies smart and student-focused


The stereotyped classroom model is now 'old school'. Students today expect to 'plug' into educational content anytime, anywhere and on any device. They demand just-in-time learning experiences to be delivered to them, without hiccups.

Examinations too are undergoing transformation. The 'smart' examination is on the rise where tasks are automated or digitally enabled; the entire exam cycle is shortened and result processing is faster and accurate.

Insights on Learning Styles

As a frontrunner in developing interactive and intuitive learning solutions, Anka has gained in-depth understanding of the various learning styles. And we have developed for most of these styles:

  • Spatial (Visual): Student prefers to learn using pictures, images, and spatial understanding
  • Auditory-musical (Aural): Student prefers to learn using sound and music
  • Linguistic (Verbal): Student prefers to learn using words, both in speech and writing
  • Kinesthetic (Physical): Student prefers to learn by doing physical activities and using hands and sense of touch
  • Mathematical (Logical): Student prefers to learn using logic, reasoning and systems
  • Interpersonal (Social): Student prefers to learn to learn in groups or with other people
  • Intrapersonal (Solitary): Student prefers to learn by working alone and use self-study

Solution Space

  • Creating responsive and graphical learning content is Anka's strength. Our engineering services team helps our customers in templating the content and producing premium quality, cost-effective and quick-to-launch material
  • We have created a footprint in the online exam space, bringing ease and efficacy through our ingeniously developed exam engine. Our exam engine capably handles objective exams with multiple choice answers
  • Psychometric testing is another area where we excel in; individual reports of such tests are quite self-explanatory and serve as the triggers for life transformation among students
  • Anka's schools management system is used by premium schools to efficiently handle their online admission process, time table management and school-parent communication management


  • Self-explanatory and cost effective learning solutions embodying the best mix of exemplary UI/UX and superior content value
  • Platter of offerings addressing all sectors of education, including K12, universities, professional academies, etc.
  • Ability to design and deliver highly engaging corporate training content
  • Solutions delivered with device-agnostic and web accessibility compliance features

Reinforce the core of your knowledge dissemination function through unboxed thinking. Make your academy or institute more student-centric by deploying leading-edge learning solutions from Anka.

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