About Anka
Your strategic IT partner

It's no longer business as usual. As the IT landscape continually evolves and digital innovations take centerstage, the pressure to mitigate risk and deliver more value is greater than ever.

Let's face it: your business today operates in a complex and rapidly-changing market. To survive and thrive in this indecisive environment, you need a reliable, knowledgeable partner. Anka Technology Solutions closely works with clients, helping them make their operations more efficient and profitable.

With our technology prowess, domain expertise and cross-industry experience, Anka is more than your typical IT services provider; we come across as a dependable co-traveler in your journey towards accelerated growth and market stewardship.



To deliver industry-leading solutions that would positively impact the bottom-line in our clients' business.


To be a market player, acknowledged for its culture of forward thinking, empathetic approach and responsiveness.

The Beauty of Binary

Anka means 'digit' in the Sanskrit language, which is part of India's proud lexical heritage.
At the machine level, computer/digital systems understand only binary instructions, i.e. code written in Zeros and Ones (0s and 1s). Anka is into software solutions and digital transformation, where information simplification and processing are vital to the business and digital information is always represented in Zeros and Ones.

Our logo thus essentially comprises "0" and "1". Additionally, the logo's starting letter resembles an "a", created with a unique combination of the digits "01". The predominant green in the logo epitomizes several attributes, including "Life", "Energy", "Innovation", "Growth", "Harmony", "Prosperity" and "Safety".

Technology Landscape