Case Studies

Case : Lot-A-Maker


The client is an established food processing entity, engaging in making crunchy eatables. Their assorted snacks are appreciated by consumers for their superb taste and freshness.


Aiming for a higher market share and a wider demographic, the company was looking to optimize its production process. Controlling cost while maintaining consistent quality; streamlining kitchen operations; improving overall efficacy and bringing in innovation were the key challenges the organization faced.


Prior to Anka's intervention, the client would track day-to-day business activities using a simple spreadsheet. After studying the operations and understanding the bottlenecks that stifled productivity, we developed a futuristic solution; standardizing and optimizing processes was our top priority.

Deployed on Cloud platform built using Java technology, our feature-rich application resulted in the following functionality:

  • Define recipe for each product
  • Standardize production, procurement, quality and delivery process
  • Continuous monitoring & tracking
  • Collect data for future improvements
  • Task allocation to resources by bringing clarity
  • Inculcate a quality attitude
  • Automate processes to minimize manual errors
  • Understand trends through insightful reports


  • System is not allowing process deviation
  • Task list creation with estimations and later task can tracked till completion
  • Staff training will be easy as employee has to follow defined process steps  
  • Record recipe and process
  • Ingredient substitution
  • Batch / Lot Scaling
  • Effort Management.
  • Auto procurement requests
  • FIFO inventory consumption 
  • Raw material and Finished goods QA
  • All Process QA
  • Production machinery maintenance schedule and Human resource training  
  • Seasonal and periodic trends and forecasting data
  • Cost & Margin reports
  • IMP MIS  reports


Through automation and digital innovation, we closed productivity gaps and speeded up production. Within a short time span, the company amped up its revenue & profitability and gained clear competitive edge.

Replicating the success

After our initial success, we deployed LOT-A-MAKER in food processing companies having a turnover between 1 crore and 25 crore. The results have been equally exciting; each of our clients have experienced improved productivity, higher operational performance and increased profitability.