Anka Team has great technical expertise and enormous experience. Our technology experts are always updating our technology pool with advance technologies. We are available for architectural consultancy, Project Management and Process Trainings, Performance Critical Application design, UI/UX etc.

  • Anka senior team helps many companies to develop huge, complex, robust and performance critical architectures.
  • JAVA is one of Anka’s strength; Anka team has Java consulting experience in almost all java flavors.
  • HTML5, CSS3, JS is another strong area where Anka encourages and helps its partner to develop UI independent of underline OS.
  • Project management and Software processes which are two very important areas where Anka has guided many Small IT Organizations, Non It organizations to reach and cross its BEP.




Investment banking and Retail banking are two major sub domains where Anka teams skills are remarkable. Our experts have helped our partners to build equity and fixed income instruments trading platforms. Credit Risk analysis, Individual investment advisory solutions are the other areas where we have contributed in delivering great platforms.

We provide end to end solutions, functional designs, trainings related to Equity, Fixed income, Hedging, algorithmic trading, retail banking and analytics.


Planning, which is one of the key function of manufacturing industry, where huge analytical efforts are required to achieve optimized resources utilization and high efficiency. Our customers always make use of our process automation expertise to set up new productivity goals.

Quality is nothing but fit for use and best ERP solutions are nothing but customization as per industry need so that software processes shouldn’t be overhead. We provide consultancy in identifying right ERP processes which will suit to your requirement and growth.


World is changing very fast and every day we face gap between what we know and the new things around us. Fast changing world expects big change in traditional teaching and presentation methodologies. Knowledge is one thing and presenting it in a way so that one can grasp it easily, within schedule and forever became a huge challenge.

Anka’s UI/UX skills give them massive advantage over their competitors in designing such self explanatory Learning Management System. Our ability provided us status of authority which we use to support and guide our partners.



Out Source Product Development Product development is really a challenging task for any organization as it has no of angles. And that become more challenging rather difficult if Product Company decides to take care of all the tasks. Anka has developed expertise in this area and successfully worked with many happy customers by sharing their almost complete in-house tasks responsibilities.

Anka understands these problems and helps its customer right from conceptualization till launching of the product. Though idea is big thing but later performing analysis like Market need, available similar concepts, product life span, what can be the futuristic approach, based on time to market suggestions on usage of readily available components, making aware about various non functional requirements like performance, hardware and other compliance needs, complete product development life cycle, proper development as well as support documentation, Product launch, maintenance and upgrades.

Enterprise Applications Anka’s domain skills and system designing capabilities are the two important factors which make Anka a best available partner in this vicinity. We have provided most of enterprise solutions to manufacturing and power sector companies. Supply Chain Management and eProcurement are the two areas where Anka has great expertise.

We believe in providing custom solutions as per organizations needs as processes followed by each business though they are similar in nature; required to be optimized and shouldn’t be overhead.


This is one of the most important area of interactive software. Anka is adding huge value with their experienced visual designers, information architects. Understanding Data and then structuring and organizing it considering user interactions, usability and accessibility.

Our subject matter experts are always keen to understand aspects like psychology, anthropology, architecture, sociology, computer science, graphic design, industrial design, content strategy and cognitive science.

  • BI/Analytics
  • Mobility solutions